Holiday in Tversted

Natural and a bit unusual

Treat yourself and your family to a holiday of pure relaxation at one of Denmark's most tranquil spots - Tversted!

Leave the noise and hustle and bustle of the city well behind and recharge your batteries in natural surroundings that

both Danes and foreigners travel a long way to experience.

Tversted Jazzy Days


 Jazzy Days is a popular tradition in the autumm half-term holiday. In weeek 42 Tversted buzzes

to the sound of jazz, when you can experience jazz up close and witness an exciting combination

of jazz and humour.

The accordion rally in Bindslev is going to be held every year in week 30.

Holiday in a holiday house in Tversted.

Holiday in a holiday house is peace and relaxation - and cosiness with the family, and many other things.

We have holiday houses in all categories, from luxeryhouses with everything, to smaller but charming houses

with a more spartan furnish. A holiday in one of our holiday houses is a good starting point for a succesfull

holiday in beautiful Tversted.

Pictures of holiday houses in Tversted



At Tversted Tourist Office and Holiday home rental, we have many years experience with holiday home rental in the area.

We have holiday cottages for every budget and needs. If you wants to watch more or book a holiday cottage,

then klick here:

Welcome to Tversted

In the area around Tversted, there are many activities for all ages throughout the year.
Whether you are for the free, look like a trip to the beach to swim and build sand castles, or find amber on a windy autumn day. Or visit dune plantation with one of the area's natural playgrounds. Visit one of our craftsmen with workshops.
Otherwise, there are also various attractions that are worth a visit.

Welcome to Tversted.


In and around Tversted there's a lot of cosy restaurants and cafe's, with something for every taste and budget. Whether you want fish, steaks, pizza or pasta dishes.

Inspiration for your holiday in Tversted

Attractions and events in Tversted.

Do you like cultural experiences, or staying in the nature?

Visit the galleries, the craftsmen, churches or the manor houses.

Or go for a walk along the beach or in the dune plantation.

Round the year Tversted offers a lot of music experiences Fx. The summer concert with 3 famous danish pop singers, 

or Jazzy Days in the autumn.

The world's biggest eagles

Only at Eagleworld you can find the Nordic birds of prey - they breed here and are trained by falconers to demonstrate their

unmatched flying ability. Thanks to 30 years insight and specialist knowledge, Frank Wenzel has ensured that Denmark enjoys

a leading international position in terms og knowledge of the biology and cultural heritage of birds of prey. At the sanctuary,

visitors learn to admire and understand the birds of prey - which is ultimately the most effective way of promotion nature

conservation. In order to ensure the best possible conditions for the birds.

A few kilometers from Tversted is the North Sea Oceanarium situated. The North Sea Oceanarium is the biggest aquarium in

Northern Europe. Go on an expedition to the 7 destinations on water, on land and right to the bottom of the North Sea.

You can buy tickets with discount to the North Sea Oceanarium on Tversted Tourist Office.  

Large horse fair and flea market at the car park beside Klitgården.

Try the five cycling paths in and around Tversted. Trips begin in Tversted.

From June you can rent a citybike here in Tversted

The nature in and around Tversted, can be experienced at first hand, because the nature is just outside your door.

There are many ways to experience the nature. Cycle around in the area, or try one of the hiking routes, or you

can experience the nature from a canoe on Uggerby River, or perhaps on horseback.

In the area around Tversted there are many activities for all ages throughout the year.

whether you are for the free, look like a trip to the beach to swim or build sand castles,

or find amber on a windy autumn day.

Or visit the plantation with the natural playground.

Visit one of our craftsmen with open workshops. Or you can

Visit one of the various attractions, which is a visit worth.



 Art and Crafts at its best.

Many exciting artists and craftsmen have chosen to live in and around Tversted.

You will find a rich choice of pottery, glass art, galleries and jewellery artists.

Many have open workshops where you are welcome to come and see the artists at work.

Read more here:

A few kilometers from Tversted is the trading- and craftsmann town Bindslev situated.

Bindslev is well-known for it's traditional accordion festival in week 30.

Then there is the water power station and fish ladder in Bindslev.

Weather in Tversted now and the next days.

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