Welcome to Løkken

A city for everyone at any time of the year. Løkken has everything: amazing nature, white sandy beaches, art, culture, a fascinating history, beautiful holiday homes, modern dining and shopping possibilities.
Come and enjoy some delightful, active or peaceful days in Løkken.Through hundreds of years, visitors have been attracted to Løkken. The attractions include the sea, the beach, the dunes, the city and the countryside. We work to ensure that your holiday in Løkken is valuable and memorable.

Great Beach in Løkken

Løkken beach is wide and spectacular. It has fine white sand and you can enjoy it all year round.

In summertime, the white beach huts reflect sunlight and moonlight in a unique way. 

The pier, the fishing boats, the sea and the sand dunes set the scene for beautiful walks at all seasons.

Take a walk, go for a swim, or take a guided tour – whichever you choose, you will enjoy Løkken beach! 

All year round the wide, soft, sandy beach offers relaxation and experiences for everyone. 

Map of Løkken

The city behind the dunes

The unique atmosphere in Løkken has elements of sea, sand and a maritime history. In addition, you get a good selection of shops, cosy restaurants, historic town houses, impressive sights and unique nature in Løkken and the countryside.

Go and explore Løkken, feel the atmosphere in the local shops and see the sights. Enjoy the city at the sea … 


You can enjoy a local selection of events, concerts, exhibitions and much more in Løkken.

Løkken has a good selection of shops, cafes and historical sights. Everything is within walking distance, the beach, the hiking trails, the food, the shops, the accomodation.

Løkken is known to have many places to eat – here is something for everyone – all year round

Inspiration for musical experiences in Løkken

Experience Løkken

In Løkken you get plenty of experiences, events and beach town atmosphere - especially in Summertime and the holidays. 

You will easily find the selection of sights and attractions in Løkken and the hinterland. 

See Løkken's selection of activities for kids.

Løkken is also the ideal base for visiting top attractions of Northern Jutland. Løkken is under an hours drive from the larger cities Hjørring, Aalborg, Hirthals and Frederikshavn!

You can get inspiration for your stay in Løkken - see Løkken's events and attractions. 

You have plenty of ways to stay active during your stay in Løkken.

Fun activities for boys and girls of all ages in Løkken!

Sleep tight in Løkken tonight

All accommodation in Løkken is near the beautiful sea and the historical town.

Enjoy a stay at a local hotel or bed & breakfast.You can also rent a holiday home, go camping or have a farm stay in Løkken or the hinterland.

Book your next camping holiday, family stay or summer camp in Løkken!

You can choose between a variety of holiday homes in Løkken and the beautiful hinterland. 

Book your accomodation in the Løkken-area, you can stay at Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Inns. 

See a selection of other accomodation possibilities, such as private rooms and farm stays.

You can book your holiday home in Løkken via Løkken Holiday Home Rental Service!