The area of Hjørring

Welcome to a green, fertile and rolling countryside. Hjørring and the surrounding areas offers a broard variety of experiences throughout the entire year.

Hjørring and the smaller towns nearby are vibrant throughout the entire year!

If you feel like shopping, visiting a café or experiencing some culture, the area has an enormous ammount to offer. Throughout the year many exciting events take place, both large and small all stemming from the local community.

Pulsating throughout the entire year

Pulsating the entire year

Hjørring is a thriving commercial town, where you can enjoy shopping all year round. In the centre of Hjørring you will find a long pedestrian precinct where shops, cafés and restaurants are located side by side.

Sindal is a small cosy town. Here you will find many delightful shops, pleasant places to eat and sculptures.

The Hjørring Guide 2016

Hjørring Guide

Get inspired by a variety of activities and indoor arrangements in the area of Hjørring. You will find inspiration for experiences for the entire family. 

Places to eat

Hjørring, Sindal and Tårs offer a wide selection of places to eat and taste experiences. All year round you can visit the many restaurants in the area.

Culture and history

It is difficult to visit the area without being affected by the culture. Museums, theatres, art and sculptures are prominent throughout the towns and they help to create a special atmosphere.

The town of Hjørring oozes with history. The area surrounding Nørregade is the oldest part of Hjørring. Here you can still find many old buildings and historical streets.

Location of the churches

The old part of Hjørring

Vendsyssel Theatre

Culture experiences

Fun for the entire family

Fun for the entire family in Hjørring

At the Tourist Information Office you can get all the information you need to plan a fun and entertaining family outing in the area that will generate long lasting memories. Whether you like action or a quiet afternoon in company of the family, there are plenty of places to choose from.

Use the the beautiful natural areas as a family playground all year round and have wonderful outdoor experiences.

Parks and gardens in Hjørring

Canoe Rental

Hjørring City Bikes

Hjørring Cinema

Hjørring Swimmingcenter

Football golf


The entire area offers plenty of activities. Dressed in swimwear, at high speed, jumping up and down, swinging a golf club or holding a paddle in your hand? Regardless of your favourite activity, you can always find an enjoyable activity for the entire family. 

Video - Hjørring

Video - Hjørring and Sindal

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Practical tips, Hjørring

Find us at Facebook as "Oplev Hjørring" and get informations on events and activities in Hjørring and Sindal.

You can also see alot of wonderful pictures at our official Instagram @visithjoerring.

Please download the free app of The Top of Denmark and get information and inspiration for your holiday regarding accomodation, attractions and activities for the entire family.

Hjørring Touristservice is situated at the library in Hjørring in Metropol Shoppingcenter. On the libraries in Vrå and Sindal we also offer touristservices, and we are always helpfull in finding brochures, inspiration, maps and more. We offer free WIFI and computers at your service.

Tourist Information in Hjørring & Sindal

Hjørring Turistservice is located in the library in the Metropol Shopping Center in the center of Hjørring. Here you are able to find information, tourist brochures and assistance. 

Map of the area

Map frontpage Hjørring