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    We're looking forward to your visit  We're Turisthus Nord, a co-operation the Tourist Office's in Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby. Together we aim to make your stay in our region as pleasant as possible, and we're always available for questions and suggestions for events and attractions to visit.

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    A city for everyone at any time of the year. Løkken has everything: amazing nature, white sandy beaches, art, culture, a fascinating history, beautiful holiday homes, modern dining and shopping possibilities.Come and enjoy some delightful, active or peaceful days in Løkken.Through hundreds of years, visitors have been attracted to Løkken. The attractions include the sea, the beach, the dunes, the city and the countryside. We work to ensure that your holiday in Løkken is valuable and memorable.

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    If a holiday full of activities is high on your wish list, you have come to the right place. From Skagen in the north to Sæby in the south, the landscape is traversed by walking- , cycling- and riding tracks. Now all you have to is choose whether you yourself are the engine or you prefer horsepower. All along the coastline the water promises a good time swimming, surfing, rowing and kayaking. The fishing water here is perfect for angling from the piers, lakes or out on the open sea. 

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    Frederikshavn and the surrounding area provide a great opportunity to spend an active holiday in the whole area – whatever the time of year. If you wish to spice up your holiday with active adventures, Frederikshavn is able to offer a wide range of activities for your holiday.

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    Bindslev is situated 5 kilometers from Tversted, which is an active trade town, which has kept its village character.

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    Welcome to Tversted. Treat yourself and your family to a holiday of pure relaxation at one of Denmark´s most tranquil spots - Tversted. leave the noise and hustle and bustle of the city well behind and recharge your batteries in natural aurroundings that  both Danes and foreigners travel a long way to experience. With its 600 permanent inhabitants, Tversted makes up a cosy centre of North Jutland hospitality. The small village is surrounded by wide open spaces of the countryside and the citizens

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    In Hirtshals town and harbour are fused giving life and contrasts. The harbour is full of activities and the ambience is authentic. Spend your holiday in the Hirtshals area and enjoy the nature surroundings ideal for many activities. Whether the sky is blue and the sun is shining, or when it is windig and cold - all year Hirtshals offers experiences and activities for children and adults.  Book a holiday home in Hirtshals. Hirtshals - a sea of experience.

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    Lønstrup is nature, art and culture - great experiences all year round - and experiences for more than a holiday.  There is always something to do in Lønstrup. Choose shopping in one of the many exciting shops or chill out and enjoy a cold drink in one of the many cafes and restaurants. 

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    Rent a holiday home at the top of Denmark, when you want to relax with your family. You get the freedom of a home away from home, and you can all enjoy the wonderful nature and explore the sights in the local area. With us you'll find houses or flats for any taste - we have everything from the small practical and spartan house situated "in the middle of nowhere" to a real luxury house.

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    Enjoy spring in Frederikshavn. Enjoy a walk or bike ride in the sun. See the spring art exhibitions. Get inspiration for your holiday in Frederikshavn.

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    You'll find a lot of nice campingsites close to the beach and near woods When you most of all, want to bring your own home with you on holiday, you'll find it very easy to locate really good quality campingsites in our lovely area. The sites are placed like pearls on a string along the beautiful east coast, and you'll have your work cut out for you, when trying to chose the best one.

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    Frederikshavn, which is known as "The little Big City", offer you a vide range of entertainment, events and unique experiences - throughout the year! In Frederikshavn you can visit the only palm beach in Denmark, enjoy city life and shopping. Every year the naval hero Tordenskiold and his men transport you back to the year 1717 for a fun filled weekend in June. Both national end internationally known musicians perform at Arena Nord. Come stay in one of our nice hotels, and enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many restarants.

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    Welcome to Turisthus Nord In 2013 the three tourism associations of Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby merged to form just one association called Turisthus North. With all forces assembled in Turisthus North, we have a strong organization and an even stronger collaboration platform across the three . Our primary goal is to profile and market Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby both in Denmark and abroad to bring more tourists to our lovely area.

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    We're looking forward to your visit  The Tourist Offices in Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby have merged, and we are now called Turisthus Nord.We still operate in the three cities, where we're ready to assist you with advice and information about our lovely area, in order to make your holiday great.  Welcome to the top of Denmark ...

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    The winter time is a lovely season – especially if you have time off to go on holiday. And if you are going on a winter holiday in the Top of Denmark Frederikshavn has a lot to offer. During the Winter Holiday there are several concerts and plays and other exiting experiences. So swing by Frederikshavn – maybe stay the night at one of the city’s hotels, there is something for everyone.

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    Christmas in Frederikshavn simply oozes tradition – and Frederikshavn is a town in which there’s time to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones and to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

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    it is summer time and summer time means to have fun at water.

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    A 2-km pedestrian precinct... Take a deep breath and embark on a veritable shopping spree in Frederikshavn. The town’s shops are full of great bargains. Indulge yourself in the specialist shops in Søndergade or browse the lifestyle stores for things for your home.

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    Frederikshavn is surrounded by fantastic countryside which is well worth experiencing first-hand. Towards the east you find Kattegat and the beaches, whilst the forest and the hills characterise the countryside to the west. The countryside in and around Frederikshavn is exciting and beautiful and you’re sure to find an excursion to the countryside highly rewarding.

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    Nordsøstien is part of the North Sea Trail; it's a set of hiking tracks that is part of the historic trail along the North Sea. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, England and Scotland are all part of the trail consisting of 26 regions in total. In Denmark the trail is approximately 1500 km long. One of the track's passes through Frederikshavn, the track is called Aalbæk-Sæby and it is 48 km long.

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    Frederikshavn has a range of attractions at all times of the year – and there are enough things to see to last more than just a single holiday.

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    There are plenty of active things for children to do in Frederikshavn. Children can enjoy themselves on the beach or on a walk in the forest. If poor weather discourages outdoor activities, you can spend a few hours at the indoor play centre, the bowling hall or in one of the town’s two aqua complexes.

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    In Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby you'll find things to do all year round. Whether you prefer art, visiting museums, shopping in the many different shops, or you fancy a cold drink while listening to live music, you'll find it here.

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    Children are welcome in Tversted, and there is a lot of activities for children of all ages.

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    Book a stay at one of our Holiday Centers, when you are looking for a place to relax and have fun for the whole family.   The Centers are a perfect place to mix entertainment for all, with out-door experiences in our lovely nature.  Don't forget to treat yourself and visit the local sights and attractions.   We look forward to welcoming you!  

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    There are things to do for the whole family all year round in Skagen. Here you'll find beautiful beaches with whiter than white sand and the sea water is clear and inviting. The city life blooms in the summer, but fun events take place in all seasons. Visit the inspiring museums and dwell at the world famous paintings by artists such as Michael and Anna Ancher and P.S. Krøyer. The nature in and around the city is truly unique and to see "The meeting of the seas" is a must do when you are here.

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    Along the coast in the Top of Denmark you will find a large number of harbours, both dynamic industrial ports, marinas, small fishing villages, and active fishing harbours. Go on a picknick and experience the lively environment at the harbour.

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    Sæby is a small cultural gem, with the beautiful old part of city right in the center. Within short distance you'll find oldfashioned charming small boutiques, working artists, a thriving marina, fresh seafood restaurants, easy access to a lovely children-friendly beach, museums and the lovely nature surrounding the city. Sæby is the perfect place for families and couples alike! Book a stay in one of our Holiday Homes here >>

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    Do you need a place to stay for the night? Or are you spending your next vacation in Skagen – Frederikshavn -Sæby? Maybe you need a weekend-break to re-charge your batteries? No matter what you need - we can help! View some of the many possibilities, whether you’re here on business or with the family. We’re looking forward to seeing you – your bed is already made!

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    The nature around Hirtshals is the ideal setting for an active holiday. Use the wind, the sea, the beaches or the forests for activities and rejuvenate your energy. Spend a holiday in Hirtshals filled with outdoor activities in beautiful natural scenery.

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    Why is our area so unique and why is the atmosphere so special and cosy? You’ll find some of the answers in our museums and by studying our monuments. These tell a common story of the many events, which have formed the people living in the top of Jutland for the past centuries. Try a guided tour in Skagen, Frederikshavn or Sæby to get to know the unique feeling of each town. We are looking forward to showing you the sights! 

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    Focusing on good taste! In Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby you’ll be tempted by the many varied restaurants which offer delicacies of all kinds. When on holiday, meals are a large part of the enjoyment, and in our area you're spoilt for choice by the large selection of fish specialties, Mediterranean cuisine, traditional Danish food and ethnic dishes. Let your mood decide – there is plenty to choose from!

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    Are you going on tour with the class, and would you like to experience the unique nature in our area, you have several options to choose from. Whatever city you choose to live in, it is easy to get around by car, bicycle or by public transport. This makes the experience even greater. If you love camping in the "wild", you must stay at one of our wilderness camps/shelters. The pace is set according to you, so you can take the time to enjoy the peace and quiet and beautiful surroundings.

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    We offer everything from a Wellness stay to a single night in a comfortable bed  Do you enjoy no fuss accommodations and are you planning that your next holiday will be in either Skagen, Frederikshavn or Sæby, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of hotels we have to offer. Do you fancy a lovely weekend break to re-charge your batteries or quite simply need a comfortable bed for a single night? You'll find all you need here! Come by yourself or bring your family!

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    Here you'll be are spoilt for choice when searching for good quality accommodation at a fair price Bring your family and friends on a cosy low price holiday in Skagen, Frederikshavn or Sæby. All three cities offer top range hostels situated close to the city center with its many possibilities. Should you wish for a more homely holiday, we recommend one of the nice B&B's from the list below.

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    If shopping is high on your to-do list, you have come to the perfect place!A walking street that’s 2 km long – in Frederikshavn this is not a dream but reality. The shops are filled to the brim with good offers.   Relative to its size, Skagen has a large number of shops where the choice is wide and the quality is high. 

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    Find information about tourist offices in the Top of Denmark, opening hours, and addresses. Download the app for the Top of Denmark - Toppen af Danmark - for iPhone and android, plan your holiday according to the weather forecast. Welcome to your holiday in the Top of Denmark

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    Løkken is a wonderland for children and their parents. There are several obvious outings, activities like beach offers many opportunities for fun and adventure.

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    Hjørring is, as the old capital of culture of the region, a centre for cultural experiences. The town has two theatres, museums and several of events all year round. You can always get a cultural experience in Hjørring. The whole area has a rich culture environment, where both the culture institutions and committed locals attract a lot of visitors, because of their ability to offer a wide variety of experiences.

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    You will find several activities and events for kids in Løkken. The major family attractions in Nordjylland are all within an hours’ drive from Løkken.

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    Do you need a place to stay for just one night? Or, are you planning on spending your next holiday in Frederikshavn? How about coming to Frederikshavn for the weekend to recharge your batteries? We can take care of everything. On this page you’ll find a few of the things we can offer you - whether you come alone or you bring the entire family. We look forward to seeing you - the beds are made!

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    Do you need a place to stay for just one night? Or, are you planning on spending your next holiday in Frederikshavn? How about coming to Frederikshavn for the weekend to recharge your batteries? We can take care of everything. On this page you’ll find a few of the things we can offer you - whether you come alone or you bring the entire family. We look forward to seeing you - the beds are made!

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    Sights in HirtshalsThe North Sea Aquarium is the most popular sight in Hirtshals and always worth visiting. But it is not the only place in town, where you can get close to life at sea. Hirtshals Museum has an interesting exhibition about the development of the town and the port with fishing as the biggest profession. Today the port of Hirtshals is one of Denmark’s largest.

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    Frederikshavn’s lovely forests make an obvious destination for a hike. Enjoy the peace and quiet, breathe in the scents of the forest and experience nature at first hand when you head out on one of Frederikshavn’s many hiking routes. See the newly blossoming beech forest with snow-white anemones covering the forest floor in the spring, hear the roar of the stag in the autumn or feel the snow crunch under your feet during the winter months. The countryside around Frederikshavn is ideal to experience the nature of North Jutland whatever the season.

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    In Frederikshavn, there are many opportunities for angling. You can go fishing right from shore or from one of several piers. There are also good opportunities for angling in freshwater - Here you'll find both a Put and Take lake and natural streams.

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    Travelling by train, car, ferry or plain, depending on your route and your requirements for holiday transport options. Plan your trip - and get to and from Frederikshavn.

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    Frederikshavn is not just ferry traffic and shopping. The town also boasts beautiful countryside, lovely peaceful forests and beaches and a string of exciting attractions – and there’s nothing better than experiencing all of this on a bike. Riding on a bike gets you closer to nature, enabling you to experience the smells, the landscapes, the history and life in and around Frederikshavn.

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    Enjoy the great food that Frederikshavn has to offer at any time of the year. In the town itself, in the forest and at the harbours you’ll find good places to eat offering a varied selection of dishes ranging from delicious fish specialities, local specialities, traditional Danish food or ethnic dishes. Just help yourself!

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    There’s always something going on in Frederikshavn – from classical concerts to stand-up comedy, so there’s always a good reason to visit the town. You can see here which enticing events are taking place in the town.

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