Familie på restaurant

Places to eat

Hjørring, Sindal and Tårs offer a wide selection of places to eat and taste experiences. All year round you can visit the many restaurants in the area.

Hjørring Fodboldgolf


The entire area offers plenty of activities. Dressed in swimwear, at high speed, jumping up and down, swinging a golf club or holding a paddle in your hand? Regardless of your favourite activity, you can always find an enjoyable activity for the entire family. 

Hjørring Library and Tourist Information

Tourist Information in Hjørring & Sindal

Hjørring Turistservice is located in the library in the Metropol Shopping Center in the center of Hjørring. Here you are able to find information, tourist brochures and assistance. 

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Rubjerg Knude autumn

On holiday in the Top of Denmark

Spend your holiday in the Top of Denmark with lots of experiences - just around the corner.