Christmas in Skagen

Christmasevents in Skagen!

Christmas is near and Skagen is at its most delightful during the month of Christmas.

During December you can experience a wide range of magical Christmas events for Children and Adults.

We promise you a wonderful Christmas in Skagen and look forward to see you.  


IHF Women's World Championship in Frederikshavn

Be a part of the fun and games during the World Handball Championships for women i Frederikshavn from december 5th. to december 13th.

The city will be brimming with players, supporters, locals and tourist all joining together to make the event joyful and fun.

Frederikshavn is the home base for the Norwegian team, so look out for cow bells and red/white/blue color.

Enjoy a ride on your bicycle in our area

Transportation to and from Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby

It's very easy to get round in our area, either by foot, bicycle, car or public transportation.

Museums and other sights

Do you like stories from the good old days and all kinds of folklore, then you'll like the choice we are presenting here.


Camping in Skagen, Frederikshavn og Sæby

Enjoy your holiday close to the beach, the dunes or the cities, either in your own caravan or in a rented cabin or caravan. You have plenty of quality campingsites to choose from in the Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby area.  

The sites all vary in size and entertainment, so it very easy to find a place to your taste.

Lokale råvarer plukket direkte i nauren

Local produce and specialities

When visiting Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby you'll find many shops seeling local homemade produce, from ingredients found in the surrounding area. Your tastebuds will be tickled and both your stomach and your palate will be pleased.

Bon appetite!

Art galleries and crafts

In both Skagen and Sæby you'll find a large number of galleries, workshops and boutiques. The shops have a varied selection and you'll often find the artists at work.

Hidden gems in Frederikshavn

In Frederikshavn you have a multitude of exiting choices some more visible than others. This list shows you some of the hidden gems, which are well worth a visit. You'll find both nature, art and history and for most you don't even have to paid an entrance fee. 

About us - Turisthus Nord Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby

Welcome to Turisthus Nord

In 2013 the three tourism associations of Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby merged to form just one association called Turisthus North.

With all forces assembled in Turisthus North, we have a strong organization and an even stronger collaboration platform across the three . Our primary goal is to profile and market Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby both in Denmark and abroad to bring more tourists to our lovely area.

Fiskeri ved Frederikshavns Mole

Angling in Frederikshavn

Pier fishing is popular in Frederikshavn and always a go

Bangsbo Blomsterfestival

Bangsbo Flower Festival

Bangsbo Flower Festival held in Bangsbo Botanical Garden by Bangsbo Manor. The last 25 years the garden around Bangsbo has borne the name Bangsbo Botanical Gardens. The garden is cared for and developed with inspiration from University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden and Botanical Garden in Aarhus.
Through time, many Danish poets and writers found peace and inspiration in the garden - and at the Bangsbo Flower Festival it's your turn to be inspired by the many exhibitors.

Spring in Frederikshavn


Have a nice bike ride or take a family hike in the beautiful nature surrounding Frederikshavn. The nature around Frederikshavn offers many exciting hikes. Embark on your own or choose one of the many beautiful signposted routes in Frederikshavn.

Active holiday

Frederikshavn Svømmehal

Winter Holiday in Frederikshavn

In Frederikshavn you will find just the winter holiday experience that suits you and your family. Go take a walk in the fresh winter weather at the beach or in the woods. If the weather does not invite for outdoor activities, you might try visiting one of the museums or maybe spend an enjoyable day at the activity hall and indoor playground, Fun House, which offers hours’ worth of fun for the entire family.

In Frederikshavn you’ll also find no less than two indoor water complexes.

Cycling holiday in and around Frederikshavn

Cycling holiday in and around Frederikshavn

Cycling adventures from Frederikshavn





The inhabitants

Potsherds and flint stones are proof that the islands were inhabited in prehistoric time. The maximum population of 225 was reached in the 1870's. Until 1583 the islands were Crown property, then followed a number of different noble owners. In 1884 the islands were bought by the Danish Navy and are now owned by the Ministry of Defence.

North Sea Trail

The North Sea Trail at Frederikshavn

The hinterland between Aalbæk and Strandby has vast stretches of bog and heath; here you will also find Aalbæk Klitplantage where different types of pinewood grow. Very unique to this part of the country is the stone plains, which can also be found here.

Holiday on bike in Frederikshavn

The Green Tour in Frederikshavn

This track will take you through all types of the Danish nature, such as river valleys, salt meadows and harvest fields. In three different places you will find bird-watching towers, where you can sit and observe the many different kinds of birds.

Hiking in Åsted Ådal

Yellow Track: Between field and forest 3.3 km. 

This track offers rich opportunity to experience the wildflowers and the change from forest to cultivated landscape. You will be able to see the animal tracks that show how the animals move around during the night; from forest to open terrain.

Bangsbo Skoven

Hiking in Bangsbo

There are three marked hiking tracks in Bangsbo Skov which makes it easy to get around - the three tracks are of different lengths:

Yellow track – 2.3 km

Red track – 2.7 km

Blue track – 4.5 km