IHF Women's World Championship in Frederikshavn

Be a part of the fun and games during the World Handball Championships for women i Frederikshavn from december 5th. to december 13th.

The city will be brimming with players, supporters, locals and tourist all joining together to make the event joyful and fun.

Frederikshavn is the home base for the Norwegian team, so look out for cow bells and red/white/blue color.

Hidden gems in Frederikshavn

In Frederikshavn you have a multitude of exiting choices some more visible than others. This list shows you some of the hidden gems, which are well worth a visit. You'll find both nature, art and history and for most you don't even have to paid an entrance fee. 

Bangsbo Blomsterfestival

Bangsbo Flower Festival

Bangsbo Flower Festival held in Bangsbo Botanical Garden by Bangsbo Manor. The last 25 years the garden around Bangsbo has borne the name Bangsbo Botanical Gardens. The garden is cared for and developed with inspiration from University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden and Botanical Garden in Aarhus.
Through time, many Danish poets and writers found peace and inspiration in the garden - and at the Bangsbo Flower Festival it's your turn to be inspired by the many exhibitors.

Hirtshals Fyr - lighthouse

Views in the Top of Denmark

Gedebjerget near Sæby

Gedebjerget is situated high above Sæbygård forest with view of the sea, city, forest and the castle Sæbygård.

More about Gedebjerget

Teglhøj near Sindal

The best point with a view in the area is situated in the middle between the Skagerak and Kattegat and 93 m above the sea.

Anemones in the forest floor

Events during Easter in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark during Easter and participate in some of the many fun and interesting events in the area. Experience the interesting stories with local storytellers, visit the attractions for special events and participate in different music events.

Art events in the Top of Denmark

Art exhibitions in The Top of Denmark

Spring and Easter is also time for art exhibitions, craftsmanship and exhibition previews at galleries. Especially during spring you will find interesting events at the art museums in the Top of Denmark inviting you into the world of art. Enjoy a spring break or the Easter holidays in the Land of Light.

Winter near Rubjerg, Lønstrup

Events during your winter holiday in the Top of Denmark

Spend your winter holidays in the Top of Denmark and participate in interesting events for children as well as adults. Music, interesting stories and culturel experiences. Small and big events for all ages. Visit the Top of Denmark and enjoy the winter days.

Fun events for kids with the theme recycling

Fun events for kids

The winter holiday in the Top of Denmark is going to be a lot of fun for both children as well as grownups, and this winter is going to be something quiet special. This season the main theme of the activities in the Top of Denmark will be Recycling. Here you will find more information on the many activities for children and families in the weeks 7 and 8.

Active holiday

On your bike or lace up your walking boots

Frederikshavn is a lovely starting point for your cycling holiday. Stay in the centre of the town or in a holiday cottage near the beach and embark on new adventures. If you wish to experience the countryside at first hand, there are plenty of hiking routes throughout the area.