Christmas food with sugar-browned potatoes and duck

Traditional Danish Christmas dishes in the Top of Denmark


The dish Krystkål is an old speciality from North Jutland that is still served today to many of the rich dishes with pork. Krystkål has other names in other parts of Denmark.


Restaurants in and around Skagen

What you eat when on holiday is an important part of the overall holiday experience, and in Skagen fish and shelfish are of course on the menu. But, it´s not all fish and seafood, and we mustn´t forget traditional Skagen ham, organic Angus steaks or a wide range of other locally produced delicacies.

If you don´t fancy slaving over a hot stove when on holiday, the Skagen region´s many restaurants, cafés and inns offer a wide range of dishes.


Open industries in the Skagen Area

See f.ex. how sweet is created from start to finish - Visit the fishauktion in Skagen and see how it is done when the fish is sold - take a

Dinner in Lønstrup

Lønstrup has a lot to offer when it comes to lunch or dinner at one of the many cafés and restaurants. The cafés offer homemade dishes and many are inspired by the ocean as their neighbor, which means there are rich opportunities to enjoy fish or shellfish. Likewise you also find classic restaurant and family friendly restaurants.

Mussels - delicious local recipes

Local recipes in the Top of Denmark

Recipe for fishcakes

Children and adults love hot fishcakes. See the recipe for fishcakes as the fisherwomen in Hirtshals make them.

Fishcakes - serves 8

2 kg flaked cod, coalfish or haddock 
6 teaspoons salt, 2 teaspoons white pepper 
4 tablespoons wheat flour, 4 tablespoons potato flour 
5 eggs
130 g chopped onion 
¼ l whipping cream
1-2 dl milk