Hirtshals Fyr - lighthouse

Views in the Top of Denmark

Gedebjerget near Sæby

Gedebjerget is situated high above Sæbygård forest with view of the sea, city, forest and the castle Sæbygård.

More about Gedebjerget

Teglhøj near Sindal

The best point with a view in the area is situated in the middle between the Skagerak and Kattegat and 93 m above the sea.

Anlægget i Sindal

Out in nature - in Hjørring and the surrounding area

The entire area has a beautiful landscape and a vigorous nature. In the Spring everything turns green and nature sets the scene for a pleasent picnic. In the Summer it is possible to find green areas in the middle of the town, where you can enjoy the sun and a quick break, while the children play at the playground. When Autumn comes the hunt for natural treasures like mushrooms and berries begins.

North Sea Trail

The North Sea Trail at Frederikshavn

The hinterland between Aalbæk and Strandby has vast stretches of bog and heath; here you will also find Aalbæk Klitplantage where different types of pinewood grow. Very unique to this part of the country is the stone plains, which can also be found here.

Holiday on bike in Frederikshavn

The Green Tour in Frederikshavn

This track will take you through all types of the Danish nature, such as river valleys, salt meadows and harvest fields. In three different places you will find bird-watching towers, where you can sit and observe the many different kinds of birds.

Active holiday

On your bike or lace up your walking boots

Frederikshavn is a lovely starting point for your cycling holiday. Stay in the centre of the town or in a holiday cottage near the beach and embark on new adventures. If you wish to experience the countryside at first hand, there are plenty of hiking routes throughout the area.

Frederikshavn is surrounded by fantastic countryside

The countryside around Frederikshavn

The beaches

Frederikshavn has an attractive location on the coast and you’ll find attractive beaches both north and south of the town. There’s nothing quite like a summer day at the beach, as you lay out a towel in the sun, dip into your picnic basket and contemplate a refreshing dip in the sea. The beaches at Frederikshavn are great for children and particularly inviting with their fine white sands.


The nature in and around Skagen

The nature in and near Skagen is very special and quite unique. 
You can almost feel the nature living and breathing as you are present - the scenic sand dunes, stony plains and the northerly point of Grenen in a state of constant movement and flux. 

Up here nature rules and man bow to it's might, but it also makes for spectacular and breathtaking viewing.

Dune plantations in Hirtshals and Tversted

Dune plantations in Hirtshals and Tversted

A great part of the are from Tornby to Tversted is covered in large dune plantation. The dune plantations were originally established to prevent sand drift. Today the plantations are used as destinations for activities and long walks.

Natural resorts in the Top of Denmark

Store oplevelser i naturen

In the Top of Denmark you are close to nature at all times and in the middle of fresh air coming from the ocean. Get mentally ready in nature and forget the stress of the every day life. Experience the unique nature attractions in the area such as Grenen, Rubjerg Knude, and Råbjerg Mile or enjoy the small secret places - giving you the most relaxing moments in nature.

Rubjerg Knude