Overnight accommodation in Frederikshavn

Do you need a place to stay for just one night? Or, are you planning on spending your next holiday in Frederikshavn? How about coming to Frederikshavn for the weekend to recharge your batteries? We can take care of everything. On this page you’ll find a few of the things we can offer you - whether you come alone or you bring the entire family. We look forward to seeing you - the beds are made!

Accomodation in Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn offfers a wide selection of accomodation. You can stay centrally in Frederikshavn or choose to stay close to the beach or the forest- where it's nice and quiet. The selection is big in Frederikshavn, choose between hotel, hostel, campsite, holiday cottage or Bed & Breakfast.


The hotels in Frederikshavn offer a wide and varied choice of lodging possibilities, ranging from large four star hotels to medium-sized and smaller hotels. Each has something special to offer.

Rent a holiday cottage

There’s nothing quite like relaxing at a holiday cottage – whatever time of year! In Frederikshavn you can stay at a holiday cottage near Palmbeach just north of the town and at the beaches at Bratten Strand and Jerup Strand. There are plenty of excursions to enjoy with a holiday cottage as your base. You’ll be staying relatively close to Frederikshavn, Skagen and Sæby, whilst the town of Løkken, the migrating sands at Rubjerg Knude and the North Sea Oceanarium are all within easy reach.

If you’d prefer a more central location in Frederikshavn – close to the life of the town – apartments are also available here.


Go camping in Frederikshavn. The 4-star campsite at Nordstrand Camping is situated close to the town, and, not least, close to the Palmbeach. The campsite offers a huge range of facilities. You can choose to stay in a tent, caravan, motor home or a cabin. The campsite is ideal for children with its attractive playgrounds, swimming pool, mini-golf course and Fun House, which offers hours of fun for the whole family throughout the day.

Hostels and Bed & Breakfast 

Danhostel Frederikshavn City is located in the centre of the town – close to the shops, the ferries and the concert hall. Herman Bang Bed & Breakfast also enables you to stay centrally within the town at the northern end of the pedestrian precinct. Arena Nord also has a number of rooms for rent.

If you wish to stay the night in private accommodation, the tourist office in Frederikshavn will be happy to help you book your stay.

Nature campsites

Experience the countryside up close – stay at one of the campsites in the countryside in and around Frederikshavn. 



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Hotels and holidayhouse rental in Frederikshavn

Come and enjoy the hustle and bustle in the 'Little Big City', where nationalities from all over meet. We offer accommodation in all ranges and prices - the choice is yours.