Enjoy an active holiday in Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby

If a holiday full of activities is high on your wish list, you have come to the right place.

From Skagen in the north to Sæby in the south, the landscape is traversed by walking- , cycling- and riding tracks. Now, all you have to do is choose whether you yourself are the engine or you prefer horsepower.

All along the coastline, the water promises a good time swimming, surfing, rowing and kayaking. The fishing water here is perfect for angling from the piers, lakes or out on the open sea. 

Holiday on bicycle in the north of Denmark

Bring out your bicycle!

Let your bicycle pull the load when on holiday. This way it’s both safe and easy to get to see the many attractions. Bicycle paths cross the countryside everywhere, so do some planning and enjoy the lovely scenery unfolding around you.

Catch a fish in Skagen

Catch a fish in Skagen

With many possible sites to catch a fish. Why not try to catch your own supper.

Skagen Holiday Rentals

Skagen Holiday Homes

At the very top og Denmark you'll find unique nature spiced with events for the whole family. The whole area lures you with holiday cottages in all price-classes, and remember - we're available all year round.

Angling in Sæby

Angling in Sæby

In amazing surroundings and optimal circumstances, the chances of making your dream catch are good. Maybe you will bring home dinner yourself!