Lønstrup - The Village by the Sea

Lønstrup: the idyllic small art characterized village of the great North Sea. The art and nature has characterized the town and there is pride of the old fishing village.


Lønstrup's main street is called Strandvejen. It winds its way a couple of kilometers behind the dune facing out onto the sea. There's often shelter here from the wind that blows op on the hill.
The small yellow and white houses are built close together and the road winds between them. In several of the houses there are galleries, glass-blowing workshops, as well as pottery and jewellery workshops.

There are also a number of high-quality retail outlets for men's and women's fashions, exclusive shoe shops and a small-vessel trade that offers delicacies from home and abroad.

Every now and again you'll find a small square that makes the road a little wider, where there may be room for a pleasant café in which you can enjoy a cold beer or a delicious cappuccino whilst life passes quietly by.



The majority of houses are small, but occasionally a yellow building rises a couple of storeys into the air to indicate a seaside hotel.

One of the hotels is situated at the edge of the "Bækslugten", a gorge that was formed in the "natural disaster" of 1876. The memorial stone describes the episode which actually kick-started tourism in Lønstrup.

At the railings you can look down into the small brook, which at the time was transformed into a raging river.

After Bækslugten the town seems to change character. The old cinema is located on the other side, towering up on the cliff with its Mexican facade.

Strandvejen's final section contains the old, low-ceilinged fisherman's dwellings. At several places the original whitewash has been maintained that Lønstrup used to be famous for.

Strandvejen ends in the sea

High above the last section of Strandvejen the grand summer villas come into view, located almost symbolically above the modest fisherman's cottages as architectural jewels nestling in the dune.

At the end of the road, Strandvejen branches into two, such that the original Strandvej went straight on and ended with a steep slope down to the mooring site at what is now Villa Vest.

A set of steps and a viewing bench were recently built here where you can take advantage of a little shelter from the wind and enjoy the sunset.

Strandvejen's northern arm ends directly at the steeply inclined mooring site, where the cutters are still pulled up onto the shore.

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Attractive summer Villas


The attractive villas were built around the time of the First World War. The wealthy middle classes, which had hitherto stayed at the town's seaside hotels, now had sufficient funds to build their own summer residences with superb views of the sea.

Coastal protection


Coastal protection was established at Lønstrup following the severe storm in 1982.
The breakwaters work as intended, and without them, the lifeboat building, Villa Vest and Café Havblik would almost certainly be lying at the bottom of the sea.

The old cinema

Den Gl. Biograf

Until a generation ago there was a cinema here. And in fact there still is - for part of the year.
During the summer months a café with live music takes over the distinctive building.