Jewellery artists in Lønstrup

Lønstrup has a high number of jewellery designers, who works with many different styles and expressions. What they all have in common, is the inspiration they get from the nature that surrounds us. In different ways, the nature is interpreted and formed through precious metals, precious stones and other materials.

Galleries in Lønstrup

The galleries of Lønstrup provides artistic experiences for everyone. Here, you can find gentle watercolor paintings that expresses the unique light of the area, local motives in different styles, as well as more modern and sometime provoking works of art. Common to them all is that they provide experiences and inspiration.

Pottery in Lønstrup

You can follow the transformation of the clay on the potter's wheel from a shapeless lump to an attractive bowl at close quarters.

Glass blowers in Lønstrup

Come and see how the red-hot glass is shaped by the glass blower's tongs and pipe until it takes the form of a beautiful beer glass.

Details in paintings - the Top of Denmark

Arts and Crafts Week in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark for the Arts and Crafts Week and experience unique and different art at the many art events with different arts.

Meet the local, colourful artists and craftsmen in their workshops and ateliers and get insights in the creating process. Try to work creatively yourself with glass art, photo collages and ceramics or make your own juwellery. Get new inspiration.

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