Shopping Sæby

Shopping in Sæby

At "The Square" and in the surrounding pedestrian streets you'll find a wide range of speciality shops and cafés. As soons as the weather allows the cafe-tables is places outside to create the perfect summer feel. Sæby is especially know for selling top range homegrown produce and delicacies.
At "Klostergydens Fisk" you can buy freshly caught fish and other seafood. "Madam Smed" tempts you with wonderful teas, coffees and chocolate.

Shopping on holiday

Summer Shopping

For a lot of people shopping is an important part of the holiday. You have time to wander the streets, and why not spoil yourself and your familiy with a new item of clothing, some jewellery, a good book or some local delicacies. 

Shopping in Lønstrup

On the main street in the middle of Lønstrup lies the city's shops with a large selection of Danish, Scandinavien and international brands. The stores all focus on quality and to offer unique brands to their customers. There are no big chains in Lønstrup. All stores are owned and run by local forces. This means that the stores are personal and unique. all shop owners are present and focus on giving Lønstrups guests a good experience.

Shopping in Skagen and Aalbæk

Shopping is an important aspect of a holiday for a lot of people. Firstly, you´ve more time on your hands than when you´re at work. You´re more likely to want to treat yourself or your loved ones to new clothes, a piece of jewellery, a good book or something special for dinner.

In relation to their size, Skagen and Aalbæk have a good number of shops- and the choice in terms of range and quality may also come as a pleasant surprise.

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