The Ancient Road Hærvejen in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark in North Jutland on a hiking or biking holiday through Jutland as the pilgrims on Hærvejen. On the route amazing nature experiences and cultural moments await when you visit the old monastaries and manor houses or hike on the old routes. You will pass attractions such as Rubjerg Knude, Børglum Kloster and Bangsbo Herregård. Find at ease, when you experience the old paths on Hærvejen in North Jutland.

Sign for Hærvejen

Hærvejen by foot in North Jutland

Find inspiration for a hiking trip on Hærvejen in North Jutland

Explore the many footpaths in the Top of Denmark

It is fun and exciting to explore nature on your own on hiking trips and the Top of Denmark offers many opportunities for this.

The Ancient Road Hærvejen - historically

Throughout time Hærvejen has always been an important route for transportation in Jutland. Hærvejen was used by pilgrims, traders and for transportation of axes to other parts of Europe. In the Top of Denmark you may visit several interesting, historic places with great significance for Hærvejen.

More about the history of the Hærvejen

Walking at Rubjerg Knude

Hiking at Rubjerg Knude

Experience the 100 m high clay and sand cliff that migrates a couple of metres east every year. The sand migration prevails here - see how the drifting sand relentlessly covers the lighthouse.

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Glass art - Glashuset Lønstrup - North Jutland

Cultural experiences

Visit galleries and craftsmen in the Top of Denmark. Get cultural experiences. Visit arts museums or hear storytelling about nature, the towns etc.

Råbjerg Mile

Explore nature in the Top of Denmark

Love our nature - come and experience nature in the Top of Denmark and love to love our nature...

Horseback riding on the beach - enjoy

Active in your holidays

Spend an active holiday in the Top of Denmark. Rent a canoe, a bicycle or go riding and experience nature at close hand.

Summer in the top of denmark

Summer in the Top of Denmark

Summer in the top of Denmark is a wonderful season where you can enjoy lots of events and activities.