Review of the hiking and running routes

Kløverstierne in Sæby

Review of the hiking and running routes

Kløverstierne in Sæby

Jump on the bike, tie the laces on your running shoes or grab your hiking poles and venture into an amazing tour through vigorous nature, the old urban area and the cozy esplanade along the harbour of Sæby.

Kløverstien is the starting point for hiking in Sæby and consists of four routes of respectively 2.5 km, 5 km, 7.5 km or the long 21.5 km, that each takes you through the lovely nature and sights in the town, for instance the old city hall from 1801. The routes set the stage for idyllic hikes, whether you are a long-distance hiker or appreciate a short but gorgeous hike. Dive into short stories about Sæby that are placed along the routes and get to know the town in a unique way while being active through one of the five hiking routes. Who knows, you might end up knowing Sæby very well!

The combination of being active while experiencing the city in the most favorable light is an exceptional opportunity to go sightseeing in wonderful Sæby.

Grøn sti er 2,5 km i skønne Sæby

Kløversti - Green Route 2.5 km

This is a pleasant short walk or run from the harbour along the boardwalk, via suburban streets past the roaring weir at Sæby watermill and back to the harbour through the oldest district in Sæby.
If you would like, take a rest in Sæby Church under the magnificent murals from the monastery time.

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Du kommer forbi den smukke gamle vandmølle på turen

Kløversti - Blue Route 5 km

The route follows the esplanade facing the north, turns past Nellemanns Have’s vigorous diversity and the cool shade of Jernkilden, through the hilly Sæbygård Skov to the community centre “Skovlyst”. Just follow the curves of the stream through the forest and back to the town along the old, small gardens to the outflow of the stream to the ocean. This is a hike that the children will love. 

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Nyd den charmerende stemning i den gamle bydel

Kløversti - Red Route 7.5 km

The route goes through the old part of the town to the southern edge of the town past the kindergarten. In Gybels Plantage, you pass a small lake with ducks and coots. In addition, there are exercise tools, a lunch pack house and a bonfire place. This is a moderate walk or run that is also well qualified to a picknick with the family, so just bring the pram.

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En del af ruten går gennem den flotte Sæbygaard Skov

Kløversti - Black Route 21.5 km

You do not need the black belt to handle the longest Kløverrute in Sæby. But the route constitutes exactly half a marathon, so if you choose to run the route, your form is already very good. After a fresh start by the ocean, you continue by the old railway path to the “hill stage” through Nellemanns Have, up Gedebjergvej with the impressive view over Kattegat. Beautiful descent through Sæbygård Skov, past Herregården Sæbygård and Sæby Golfklub by the country road to Gybels Plantage, where you can rest and stretch. From here, the walk goes back to Sæby Havn past Minibyen, the beautiful lifeboat house of Sæby and the landmark of Sæby, Fruen fra Havet. 

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