Storytelling in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark with a dedicated and colourful troop of local storytellers, who in a gripping and vivid manner, provide our guests with a fascinating experience. Participate in guided tours about the old days or visit a modern production company.

Storytelling - unique for the Top of Denmark

Get an impression of the region's characteristic features through the so-called "Storytelling", which are made up of numerous events of which we're very proud and which distinguish the Land of Light from other regions.

Feel the authenticity and passion at these fantastic events which cover a wide range of themes.

What is "storytelling"?

Storytelling are "active experiences" in the Land of Light in which you'll learn pertinent information about the region and experience the story at "the right location" all over the region. Most of the events are in Danish, however you will also find some in English.

Storytelling - also for children

In the collection of stories you will also find many events for the whole family. In that way your children will also be able to experience the interesting stories about the Top of Denmark and learn more about the nature and the history.

Look forward to your holiday in the Top of Denmark with unique storytelling for you and your family.

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Participate in interesting events with a mix of food and arts and crafts in a special part of the storytelling concept. Get a taste of arts and crafts.

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