Sæby – a hotspot for anglers

The harbour in Sæby and the beaches around the town are favourite spots for anglers throughout the year. They are great spots for fishing for flatfish, although many different species of fish can also be caught, including sea trout, eel, viviparous ellpout and greater weever (watch out for the poisonous spine on the dorsal fin!). During the summer, there are good chances of catching mackerel and garfisch from the jetty. The streams of Sæby Å and Voer Å have sea trout that swim upstream and populations of river trout. In the lakes at Dybvad Søpark, you can catch perch, eel and pike. Don't forget the statutory fishing licence, which is available at the tourist office or at www.fisketegn.dk. This licence is also required when fishing for free in the open sea if you're between 18 and 65 years of age. A specific licence is required for fishing in lakes and streams. 

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